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Useful For Hair Salon, Parlour, Massage, Therapist, Doctors, SPA,Beauty Salons etc.

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Appointment scheduling software or meeting scheduling tools allows businesses and professionals to manage appointments and bookings

An Appointment Booking System allows customer to book and pay for an activities or services directly through your website or phone call. A customer can book by selecting a date, picking a time and choosing activities/services. Here, everything is handled online, that automatically reduce the workload on your staff and removing the opportunity for double-bookings. With a growth in customers comes, increased demands on your staff, longer wait times and a greater chance of mistakes within your bookings. Also, manually recording each individual booking and you’ve got an exceptionally inefficient system. So the system takes all of the stress, mistakes and time out of arranging bookings for your business. Once set up, you can control every aspect of your booking procedure and allow customers to book online.

Useful For Hair Salons, Parlour, Massage Center, Therapist, Doctors, SPA,Beauty Salons, Photographer etc.

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”Over 50% of our appointments are booked online directly by clients. We run our whole business on the Online Appointment Booking System. The system is very easy to use, our team and clients love it!”

Mausami Rajbhandari (Owner),
Rb Hair & Beauty Lounge , Australia

Application Areas Of Our System

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Hair Salons


Massage Centre

Personal Trainers

Beauty Parlour
Skin Clinics
Makeup Artists
Private Areas
Vechile Rental

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